10:00 am


Arrive to a natural oasis in the middle of the jungle and a representative of the Mayan community will give you a warm welcome to start this journey together.

10:30 am


Dare to jump out of your comfort zone off a 6 meter high zipline into a cenote to swim around its vegetation.

11:15 am


Discover the natural jewel of stalactites and stalagmites formed in the cavern of Cenote Piraña while Garra Ruga fish do an all-natural spa treatment on your skin.

12:45 pm


Take in the beauty and energy of this oasis and the wildlife that surrounds it from the heights of three ziplines flying over the largest open cenote in the Riviera Maya.

1:00 pm


Cross the cenote you saw from the heights paddling a canoe while listening to the singing birds that inhabit it.

1:45 pm


Let yourself be captivated snorkeling the beautiful underwater gardens of Cenote Azul’s mix of emerald, turquoise and crystalline waters.

2:30 pm

gastronomic experience

Indulge yourself with a delicious regional buffet that’s hand-made on woodstoves by the women of the community.

3:00 pm

visit the town

Experience with the locals their authentic community lifestyle and learn from their daily activities such as handcrafts, beekeeping and agriculture.